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The most popular and trusted third party capture service producing a certified and dated image of a web page

What type of web pages can be captured as an image?
Most web pages can be captured, basically if the public can view the web page then it can be captured as an image. The system is unable to capture .pdf files and also web pages that can only be accessed via a login system.

How can I tell if a web page can be captured?
Before any web page is captured you first need to take a test capture and only then can you save the resulting page as an image so if you are not happy with the test capture then don't proceed with the capture and you will not use any credits.

Is the system affected by robot exclusions?
Our system simply captures what our web browser sees so is not affected by robot files as is systems such as the wayback machine of

My captured image is not exactly the same as I see the page through my web browser?
Every web browser is different and sees page differently, you need to check that the test capture is suitable before you continue on to use a credit on creating the image.

Do you remove or delete captured images if requested by the web site owner?

How are the image captures stored?
The image captures are stored on one of our servers and copies of every new image capture are made which are kept in secure locations off-line in case of any problems with a server.

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