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The most popular and trusted third party capture service producing a certified and dated image of a web page

In the unlikely event of Page Record's image and details not being accepted by an opposing party in litigation we are able to provide an affidavit along these lines;

Page Record is a web site that allows members to take an image of a web page as seen by it's browser and the image is saved with information as to the exact web page addess, time and date the image was taken.

Each web page captured as an image has a unique image identification number added to the image at the time it is taken.

The system is automated in as much as the member places the web page address in a box, clicks a button and Page Record's browser visits the web page and takes an image of the web page as it sees it.

Attached as Exhibit A are true and accurate printed copies of the images recorded at the time and date on the image header and at the web page stated on the image header.

I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.

The cost of providing such an affidavit is $100 by post or $150 by courier.

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