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The most popular and trusted third party capture service producing a certified and dated image of a web page
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The quick and easy way to capture a web page as an image complete with a certified header giving the time, date and web page address which is stored and retrievable for five years.

Full 'Life Size' Image... more
Each image is captured as though viewed on a desktop computer and is saved and stored as a jpg image at full size. You can see an example here
Certified Web Page Image... more
Each image has a header with the date and the time the image was taken, the url of the web page the image is of and the identity number of the image.
Independently Verified... more
Being independent we are in a position to verify that the image is an accurate picture of the web page at that date and time. Collecting the information yourself can lead to allegations of the image being corrupted or tampered with. The opposing party in any litigation can search our system for the image to satisfy themselves that it is a true reflection of the web page.
Stored for Five Years... more
All the images taken are copied and then stored in several locations off-line. Should there be any dispute as to the validity of the image on the server then the off-line image can be requested which will be uploaded and visible on a search.
Copies Stored Off-line... more
For security all images are copied and stored off-line to ensure against any loss or corrupted data on the server. The images are stored in several secure locations so it would not be possible for all copies of an image to be destroyed or corrupted.
Searchable Database... more
Our database can be searched by the image number so you can demonstrate that the image which forms part of your evidence is the same as that independently verified by ourselves.
Affidavits Supplied... more
Should the opposing party in any action not be willing to accept the web page shot at face value even after searching our system we can provide an affidavit to confirm the validity of the web page image. See our standard affidavit and charges here.
Video Conference... more
We are happy to join a video conference with your legal representatives to explain how our system works and to comment on the authenticity of the image or images in question - we are happy for you to record the conference for later use.
Expert Witness... more
Should the opposing party or a court not accept the image of the web page as proof of it's existance at that date without an explanation as to how our system works then we would be happy to provide a representative who has an intimate knowledge of our system as an expert witness.
Prices from just 99 cents... more
Depending on quantities of image captures required prices start from $2.99 for a single image capture to 99 cents each for 100 image captures or more.

Simply register for free, enter the web page address in a box, take a test shot of the page to check it is what you are looking for and then click on the save button and a full size image of the web page will be created with a header specifing the web site address and the time and date the image was taken.

A unique image number will appear on the header so you or anyone you have provided the number to can search our database for the original image at any time for a period of five years.

Web pages are easily altered and after a page has been altered proving how the page looked previously is almost impossible, people can take your own screen shot but how do they prove later that it has not been manipulated?

The only solution is to use an automated system to take a timed and dated copy of the web page which can later be produced and shown to be how a web page looked at that time.

You can register for free, get started by clicking here

Individuals may wish to capture a web site's terms and conditions or they may... more
An individual may wish to capture the terms and conditions of a web site they have a dispute with, a web page that is carrying defamatory comments about them or their work, a web page that is showing an individual's picture without permission or capturing evidence of workplace harassment or capturing evidence in a matrimonial dispute.
Photographers, image creators and article writers who have their copyright... more
Our service is ideally suited to the needs of photographers, image creators and article writers who have their copyright infringed.

Once a work has been removed from a web page it is almost impossible to prove that the work was on the web site without going to great lenghts unless an image of the web page was captured at the time by an independent third party.

Attorneys often need to capture web page evidence to help their client... more
Attorneys often need to capture web page evidence to help their client in civil litigation cases including cases involving allegations of defamation, contract disputes, intellectual property cases including copyright infringement, false advertising, matrimonial litigation, personal injury suits, workers’ compensation and workplace harassment claims.

Attorneys who collect their own in house captures of web pages can find themselves becoming witnesses in their own cases and having to argue their own credibilty or maybe that of an intern or former employee is not a good position to be in.

When a third party automated web page capture service is used there is hardly ever a dispute as to the authenticity of the web page image but in the case of the other party or the court requiring further clarification as to how the image was acquired we are happy to provide an affidavit or even an expert witness to testify how our system works. Click here for further details.

eDiscovery agents being recompensed as part of a legal team are not as such... more
eDiscovery agents being recompensed as part of a legal team are not as such stricly independent and have to prove the validity of copies of web page with digital seal and time stamps which can be quite a complicated process for a jury to understand. A digital seal only proves that a web page existed but does not prove that the data collected was not altered or contaminated at the time of collection.

It is so much easier for the legal team to present a certified web page image on discovery or to a court as it can be understood and accepted at a glance.

Law enforcement agencies often have the need to present the contents... more
Law enforcement agencies often have the need to present the contents of a web page as evidence and this evidence has usually been recorded by an employee of that agency.

This can lead to difficulties as the employee may no longer be available to give evidence by the time a case comes to court, the validity of the web page content may be questioned as it has not been acquired by an independent party.

It is so much easier when the evidence has been gathered by a computer and if disputed we can provide an affidavit or even an expert witness to testify how the capture was made and how our system works. Click here for further details.

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